Investments that we go for ...

Sithega invests in businesses that dream big and want to do great things.


We invest in and partner with businesses with established and proven capabilities and a clear competitive advantage in their area of focus. We seek companies that are looking for a step change in their growth trajectory and aspire to greatness.

Sithega creates value by investing and partnering in great businesses.

Why we are different …

Sithega is ideally poised to deliver value through:

A core team of professionals that have successfully established and transformed similar businesses.

Access to a pipeline of investment opportunities through networks ... each with proven capabilities but not yet operating at full scale.

Access to non-traditional distributors, strategic clients and marketing our invitee partners.

Our passion to make financial freedom accessible to all.

We are majority black owned.

We like investments with the following attributes ...

  •  Insurance (long and short term), asset management, distribution and related businesses operating predominately in South Africa. We understand and are passionate about these businesses!
  •     Businesses we can be significant partners in. We invest at least 25% of the entity value, where management have a meaningful equity and Sithega can see a clear path to owning a controlling interest with or without other black investors.
  •     Businesses that exploit technology and data, amongst others, to enable cost efficient product solution delivery and customer engagement.
  •     Partners that are passionate about simplicity and doing away with clutter and unnecessary complexity in delivering solutions to customers.
  •     We look for businesses that are actively seeking to increase customer participation in financial services solutions.

Sithega invests in non-banking financial services business that are disrupting and transforming the industry through the latest technology, data usage and unique home-grown expertise.

Our approach to investing ...

  •    We are looking to invest in 3 to 4 core businesses which will form the platform from which we will create value for clients and deliver great returns to our investors.
  •     We choose businesses that value the capabilities that each party brings to the table and which exhibit mutual respect within their teams. We take time to understand what makes the core team tick and their passions. This leads to an extensive engagement to understand their capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses and opportunities they are looking for. Crucially we assess whether we can help the target investment company unlock the value using our expertise and resources.
  •     We partner with specialists, e.g. corporate finance and legal, to complement our operational expertise and our due diligence processes for the companies we believe meet our requirements.
  •     We take time and effort to ensure that we structure the right deal to enable parties to achieve favourable outcomes that are sustainable for all parties.

Sithega applies a hands-on investment approach through the company boards and operational support to key persons in the partner businesses whilst treading carefully not to cross the line of assuming operational responsibility.

Our growing portfolio of investments ...

Sithega has invested in Prescient Holdings to establish a leading independent asset manager that creates simplicity and certainty in an uncertain world.

We are engaging a pipeline of potential investments that meet our investment criteria ... watch this space for our next investments.

Sithega Manco Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 51570)
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