Sithega Concludes its Acquisition of a

Controlling Stake in Prescient Holdings

Sithega, a black-owned and black-run investment holding company, announced today that it had concluded its acquisition of a controlling equity stake in Prescient Holdings, an award-winning global financial services group, after receiving the required regulatory approvals.


The deal marks the first step on an exciting journey for Sithega, which aims to build up a financial services business that spans life, short-term insurance, and asset management by making carefully identified and meaningful investments in innovative non-banking financial services businesses.

About Sithega: Get to know us ...

We established Sithega in 2018 because we believe financial services has the potential to make people’s lives better. We aim to make the tools that are the building blocks for financial freedom accessible to all. This includes investments, insurance and advice built on sound financial planning for realistic goals and aspirations.


Our experience and expertise has been honed in insurance, asset management and other businesses in their value-chain.


We invest in businesses that dream big and want to do great things in their respective fields. We seek partners that are not only set on disrupting the current financial services value chains but want to transform the industry to create value for their clients while applying the latest technology, data usage and their unique know how.


We believe we can do more if we work well with our partners; investors who give us the capital we deploy; investee companies who make the magic of financial freedom real for customers; and other business partners to ensure that an investment holding company, with a small team, can focus on enabling our investments to achieve our goals.


Our single minded obsession is to make the magic of financial freedom a reality for all!

Our values: How we do business ...


We love people that push the boundaries of uncertainty to create new possibilities ... it is what we do.


We espouse a “beyond reproach” way of doing things.


We deliver beyond expectations and seek to partner with people who strive for similar excellence.

Fair Play

We partner with others to grow the pie ... we believe that playing fair allows to everyone win.

Sithega Manco Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 51570)
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